Quickly enhance the credibility of your brands, help you create a brand imag to form brand awareness for customers and help you achieve differentiation from others.

We insist on technology development and database management, so that our integrated management team has become a professional investment department for enterprises and brands, with a full range of systematic services such as consulting and planning, creative design, integrated communication, investment promotion, investment execution and online marketing.

Cooperation: tailor-made services such as publicity planning, promotion, brand packaging. Product placement: Combining with the promotion demand, visual and auditory ideas are created.

Integrate the products into the plot for stronger exposure and triggering the resonances of audiences.

Various operation methods: digital integrated marketing, KOL marketing, celebrity effect, community marketing, self media agency.

Highlight your uniqueness with the power of socialization and the Internet

Store services: organize the structure establishment, mall entry application, counseling before the store opening, etc.

Promotion: Double 11, Double 12, 618, Juhuasuan, and oversea online shopping.

Daily operation: updates of the products, title optimization, inventory maintenance of product information, and store evaluation processing

Data operation: store analysis, competitive stores analysis, industry analysis, customerized data package, brand data bank, etc.

Customer operation: customer grouping, Taobao maintenance, content planning of Weitao, etc. Marketing: train promotion, drill design, Juhuasuan, Taoqianggou, content promotion, live streaming platform in Taobao

Based on the features of their industries and products, we provide the customers with the e-commerce consulting, overall planning of the programs, mall thirdpartner; provide them with one-stop thirdpartner solutions for the e-commerce platform.

Low-cost customer acquisition: relying on massive user data and information stream ecosystem to accurately capture users’ intents, effectively reduce the interference, and directly attract the target customers.

Account operation: reasonably building an efficient account by optimizing the account direction according to feedback data, combining with the features of the product users, and improving the effect conversion.

Rich field experience: 99% of the account problems will be solved with a professional team

Creative solutions tailored: creative optimization will be updated based on the data feedback.

Data analysis: the team with professional data analysis and price optimization solves the account problems.

We are responsible for the results, and will compare the data before and after the customers’ trust, so that the customers can save the costs.

Interactive Marketing Department

Integrated marketing: operate and improve the brands in the whole Internet through multiple channels such as news, word-of-mouth Q&A, information and community.

Internet information: Exposure in the Internet can improve the effective consultation.

Online promotion: Professional data analysis team can increase the consultation volume by 30% within the budget.

Precise placement: to accurately place the ads to the potential users and promote the customers’ turnovers through big data on interest image, user orientation, scene orientation, and basic attributes .

Starting from the characteristics of the landing points of PC and mobile ports, we help customers achieve effective advertising and traffic guidance by means of search engine marketing and infomercial placement.

We have long focused on the creation of brand strategy-oriented commercials and promotional videos, providing customers with personalized and creative video marketing content, injecting emotion and culture into the brands, and allowing the brands’ wisdom to reach the hearts and minds of their target audience.

Based on many years of creative thinking and execution experience, INHI shows the customers with the same resources but different perspectives. The company has a perfect planning department, pre-production team, and post-production editing and special effects group to bring unique works for customers.

Since stepping into the industry, we have been using the latest filming equipment, keeping pace with its development, and shooting clearer and more qualitative films for customers.

Script planning: We write production plans and shooting scripts for promotional films and commercials in response to the customers’ needs. 

Video filming: shooting according to the pre-developed split-screen script, and answering and analyzing the customers’ questions with staffs.

Post-editing: editing the shooting materials, conducting an art design, and completing the production of special effects and dubbing for promotional films/commercials.

Interactive Marketing Business

Live Streaming Department

Live Streaming Set