Internet Marketing Center

With a professional Internet integrated marketing team, INHI is committed to providing you with perfect Internet solutions, Internet digital integrated marketing, new media operation and product technology services, brand planning, creative design, advertising agency, short video production, live streaming with goods.

Industry Data Research Center

Industry Data Research Center INHI has a professional industry data analysis team and database system, and has long-term cooperation with data agencies such as CSM, Baidu Big Data, ByteDance, CoolCloud, Guduo Data, VLINK to keep abreast of the latest entertainment and market data, discover the new IPs, and conduct various project research and development based on them.

Film and TV Production and Marketing Center

Our company establishes partnership with mainstream TV and video websites to learn the latest industry trends and platform copyright procurement strategies, and work with the content development department for targeted production and distribution, as well as pilot distribution for the company’s original content.

Artist Agency and MCN Center

With the most cutting-edge focus in the entertainment industry, the artist agency and MCN center of INHI has several teams in business, management, operation and training, and our artists now cover actors, singers, anchors, trainers, DJs, etc. Our company also maintains long-term cooperation with many domestic agencies and artist teams.

R&D Center of Original Content

The new generation has an instinctive demand for high quality content, and INHI maintains an emphasis and optimism on the new contents, and has a professional content R&D team. Based on the existing IP ecology, we will build and improve the development system of original interactive content. The team will work in two directions: “building benchmark products” and “open cooperation and empowerment”. On the one hand, they will consolidate the creation system of the original content, focus on building industry benchmark products, expand diversified content forms and explore industry boundaries; on the other hand, they will act as a bridge to lower the threshold, empower the industry and create interactive contents with more partners for the ultimate experience.



Mr. Feng Bin
Founder and Chairman of Beijing INHI Culture Media Co., Ltd  

Mr. Feng started involving himself in advertising agency industry in 1994 and is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in advertising agency industry. With his strong passion for advertising agency industry, he founded Beijing INHI Culture Media Co., Ltd at the end of 2010, which gradually became a major player in China’s advertising agency industry. With his excellent business acumen and foresight, he leaded the company to invest into China’s film and TV industry in 2014. INHI successively produced and issued many famous film and TV works and leading TV shows in cooperation with many outstanding studio production teams at home and abroad. INHI maintains long-term, rewarding business partnership with many famous film and TV companies and leading cable TV media outlets.


Kenneth Jack Shang
VP and General Manager of Investment and Financing Dept   

Mr. Shang is fully in charge of the company’s IPO in the US. Mr. Shang worked for A-share listed companies and companies listed on the main board of HKSE in succession, as managing director, chairman and executive director, etc. He has rich managerial and hands-on experience with listed companies and has accumulated partnerships with many famous specialized organizations such as investment banks, law firms and audit firms in mainland China, Hong Kong, and US. He is adept

About the team

Our company covers various fields such as film and TV drama production, cultural operation and entertainment, and has built a management system in line with the latest industry trends.